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Like many of my generation, I've already seen a lot of career changes: I started off as a classical pianist, found my way into photography, moved into law, and now focused on African development and linguistics, while moving my way back into photography. I was born in Alabama in the United States to a family that loved to travel. I was lucky in that my parents could afford it and wanted to take me to see the world -- they cultivated a desire in me to meet as many people and explore the world through their stories. 

My focus on this blog is to best share the travel stories of all the amazing people that have helped me along the way, all the embarrassing experiences (there's a lot of those!), and describe everything your senses can expect when heading to a destination. I focus less on lists and things to do (although you will find those posts scattered about), but prefer to try to bring my readers into the journey along with me. 

Thanks for joining me! Xoxo

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