Posts that caught my eye this week

Residents of Kolka, Latvia are working towards ensuring that Livonian is not completely lost. Stories from Kibera shows us how election season is starting to look. A look back on an Africa trio of the 1980s: Biya, Buhari, and Rawlings. Wishing I had the money to book a quick flight to Cambridge to see the work of contemporary African artists. Ton Dietz explains African migration for us. Zimbabwe is trying out a new approach to mental health issues. 

I'm starting a new project: 1 country a week, for 54 weeks. Exploring current politics in Africa, sociolinguistic situations, colonial history, cuisine, music, economic trends, and wherever else each week might take me! Going in alphabetical order, so up first for this week is Algeria. Starting it off with a post on French elections in relation to the colonial war in Algeria.