Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich

As Germany's top tourist attraction and one of the most iconic castles in the world (thanks to Disney!), if you're in Munich for more than a day, you will most likely end up taking a trip to Schwangau. 

Thankfully, it's quite easy to get to the castle. With public transport, it takes 2.5-3.5 hours from central Munich.

-- Make your way to your closest U-bahn or S-bahn station. Instead of purchasing a day-ticket, on the bottom left you can purchase a 'Bayern' ticket. These are regional transport tickets which let you travel on the same ticket in the whole of Bavaria, for the entirety of the day. Up to 5 people can travel on one ticket, so put in how many people will be under this ticket. For two of us, we paid 31 euro. (I did see a blog post by someone else that only paid 28 euro, but we went on a bank holiday, so maybe it accounts for that..)

-- After getting your ticket, head to the central railway station and look for the next train to Fussen. Gather up on snacks, head towards the train, and make sure to sit the direction the train is going, so that you can get great pictures when the Alps pop up!

-- Fussen is the last stop and you will see all tourists running off. Run off the train with them, out the door, and turn to the right. The busses to the castle only come once an hour, so if you miss it, you are stuck waiting at the bottom! (Of course, we didn't know this and arrived as the bus was there, but I insisted on getting a snack and alas, we missed the bus.... If you're like me and can't go more than an hour without eating, there are restaurants and snacks at the top near the castle!) You want to take either bus 73 or 78; they both go to the same place. Your Bayern ticket works for this bus also, just show it to the driver!

-- Exit the bus at the top, if you get confused, just wait until the entire bus unloads and there is your cue :) from here, walk straight and follow the road to the right. After a couple minutes, you will see the ticket office on your right. From the ticket office you can either turn left and walk up to the castle yourself (it's quite uphill and about 15-20 minutes of walking) or you can go straight and down to the right and buy a ticket for the bus ride up. You have to buy this ticket because the bus is a private bus. It was 3,60 for both of us one-way. We chose to take the bus up and then walk back down ;)

-- And that's it!

Note: The train back to Munich only goes every so often, so when you get off the bus at the bottom of the castle you can walk into the info office on the right of the bus stop and usually on the lefthand wall they have a train schedule listed. 

Enjoy your day! Xx

Neuschwanstein Castle.png