Art/Afrique, Le nouvel atelier @ the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris

If you're in Paris anytime from now until 28 August 2017, there is a great exhibit on at the new Louis Vuitton Foundation. Focusing on African artists, it is nicely curated with a blend of artists from different countries around the continent. I think we are all accustomed to seeing an "African" exhibition advertised and then arriving and realizing it is just artists from South Africa. (Albeit, one floor of the Foundation is currently dedicated to South African artists). 

Not only is the LVF in a beautiful building, designed by Frank Gehry, I believe it is a well-done show that deserves a visit!


Some artists that I liked at the exhibit (these photos below are just taken with my iphone!):

Chéri Samba, Democratic Republic of Congo


Working since the 70s, Samba is well-known for his humorous and provocative style, blending French and Lingala culture and language together through his work. 


Barthélemy Toguo, Cameroon


His series shown in the foundation was his first series completed with watercolor -- I found a lightness and a contrastive sexuality within his paintings. 

Malick Sidibe, Mali


Documenting nightlife and the working class neighborhood of Bagadadji Bamako with his film camera. 

Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Ivory Coast


His drawings made me chuckle -- they are humorous, yet share a lot of information on history and politics. 

J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, Nigeria


A Nigerian photographer who documented the lives of people within his country. The work presented here, "Hairstyle", celebrated the many ways Nigerian women set their hair.