Kristen Tcherneshoff
Kristen Tcherneshoff


Hey there! I am a master's degree student at the University of Helsinki, majoring in African studies & linguistics, along with a minor in ethnography. I was born in Alabama in the United States and enjoy going home when I have the chance so that my mom and grandmom can cook me some comfort food -- but mainly it's nice to thaw out from living the Arctic! 

I enjoy languages and history, even though I have a horrible memory, which doesn't bode well for either of those fields... I try to make sure my love of these two fields comes out in my travels, through sustainable tourism and meeting people, I try to learn as much as possible about the the people and the quirks that make up a place!

This website/blog is just a conglomeration of all the things I enjoy in life and my travels; hopefully I don't delve from the truth or too far into my own ideas, xx

For collaboration inquiries, you can contact me here.