Hey there! I am a master's degree student at the University of Helsinki, majoring in African studies & linguistics, along with a minor in ethnography. I was born in Alabama in the United States and enjoy going home when I have the chance so that my mom and grandmom can cook me some comfort food -- also it's nice to warm up from the Arctic! 

I enjoy languages and history, even though I have a horrible memory, which doesn't bode well for either of those fields... For other hobbies, I like to travel, photograph my travels and people I run into along the way, read anything I can get my hands on, eat and take cooking classes for foods I'll never even attempt to make again (looking at you, macaron class), and balance my mind out with yoga and boxing classes. 

This website/blog is just a conglomeration of all the things I enjoy in life: my views and opinions on politics, topics I am studying in class, languages I have recorded for Wikitongues, and what book I am currently reading. Hopefully I don't delve from the truth or too far into my own ideas, xx